Console - Windows Console Enhancement


A big thanks to Ante Vukorepa for the program icon.
Also, big thanks to Alen Ladavac for help with painting optimizations.

Many thanks to Console 1.x code contributors (some of that code is incorporated in Console 2):

  • Francois Leblanc for mouse wheel messages patch
  • Daniel Soto for adding multiple monitors support
  • Dean Scarff for adding <inverse_shift> stuff
  • Adam Hodson for adding flat scrollbar support
  • Daniel Cheng for making Console window looking like a regular window when <taskbar_button> is set to 'tray' or 'hide'
  • Rob Davenport for config reload prompt patch and initial comments in the sample console.xml file

People who contributed to Console 2 code:

  • jachymko for several code patches and suggestions
  • Anduin Withers for fixed-pitch font dialog patch
  • Kirill for many patches and bug fixes
  • Jason Hood, creator of AnsiCon for the new inject code

Thanks also goes to all the people using and testing Console, reporting bugs and asking for new stuff :-)