Running Console

Console - Windows Console Enhancement

Running Console

Console setup creates shortcuts in the Start menu (Console group), on the desktop and in the quick launch bar. Any of these shortcuts will run Console with its default configuration, read from console.xml file located in Console program directory.

Command line parameters

Console supports these command line parameters:

-c <configuration file>

Specifies a configuration file.

-w <main window title>

Sets main window title. This option will override all other main window title settings (e.g. 'use tab titles' setting)

-t <tab name>

Specifies a startup tab. Tab must be defined in Console settings.

-d <directory>

Specifies a startup directory. If you want to parametrize startup dirs, you need to specify startup directory parameter as "%1"\ (backslash is outside of the double quotes)

-r <command>

Specifies a startup shell command.

-ts <sleep time in ms>

Specifies sleep time between starting next tab if multiple -t's are specified.

Note: -t option is not used to set tab's title. It specifies one of the names of the tabs defined in Console settings.

Note: If you specify multiple -t options, you can specify multiple -d and -r options as well. In that case, each -t, -d and -r option will be grouped together. If there is no corresponding -d option for a -t option, the initial directory from that tab's settings will be used. For example:

Console.exe -t bash -d C:\WINDOWS -r "ls -al" -t cmd -d D:\ -t ncftp

Will start 'bash' tab in C:\WINDOWS, running "ls -al" command in it and 'cmd' tab in D:\. 'ncftp' tab will be started in the initial directory specified in its settings.

Note: Some shells need an additional switch in the startup command string. E.g. when using cmd.exe, you must put /k at the beginning of your command string:

Console.exe -t cmd -r "/k dir /b"

Note: -ts option can be useful if you want to start multiple instances of a tab, and tab's shell needs write access to some files during initialization Using -ts option, you can specify time to sleep between starting the next tab, giving each shell enough time to initialize itself.