To search for and select part of a feature layer (Procedure)

Autodesk Expression Builder

Searching to Select Feature Layers
Concept Procedure

To search for and select part of a feature layer

  1. If you are filtering by location, zoom the drawing window to the extents of the selected feature class.
  2. In your map, select the feature layer and select the search command.

    For example, in AutoCAD Map 3D, click Edit menu Search.

  3. To add more feature layers to the data being searched by the expression, click Add Layer and select the layer to add. To delete a layer, select it in the list and click Delete.
  4. In the expression area, use any of the following expression types:
    • Location Condition — Select one of the Locate On Map options and define a location in your drawing.

      For example, use a location condition to find all manholes in one section of town, all parcels that touch a road, or all water pipes within 100 meters of a road.

    • Property Condition — Selects all features that have the property value you specify. Insert a property, an operator, and a value.

      For example, to select all pipes with a diameter greater than 10, specify Diameter > 10.

      The Property list displays the properties available for this feature class. You can view and insert available values for a property from a list.

      Add layers and specify the expression for the search.

  5. Optionally, add conditions to the expression.
  6. Validate your expression.
  7. Click OK to apply the filter.