Functionality Enabled for the Grading Object

AutoCAD Civil Object Enabler

Functionality Enabled for the Grading Object

The Civil Object Enabler enables the following functionality for the grading object:

NoteThe Civil Object Enabler is not required when you are using Land Desktop alone (without Civil Design) to open a drawing that contains a grading object.
  • Snap Points
  • LIST
  • COPY
  • MOVE
  • SCALE (the slope tags and target regions remain in the same locations relative to the vertices)
  • TRIM to (can be used as trim edge, but cannot be trimmed)
  • EXTEND to (can be used as extend edge, but cannot be extended)

When you use the Civil Object Enabler, the grading object:

  • behaves as if locked
  • does not have grip points
  • cannot have its properties edited