1 1 Directory Structure for LANSA under Linux

Deploying Visual LANSA Applications on Linux

1.1 Directory Structure for LANSA under Linux

The installation of LANSA will create a set of directories under $LANSAXROOT.

For each partition imported into LANSA, a new directory called x_ppp (where ppp is the 3 character partition identifier) will also be created.

The main directory structure is shown below:

The following directories are used to store information common to all partitions:




For example, libx_bif.so (the BIF shared library) resides in x_lansa/bin because it is composed of common routines shared by all LANSA generated applications.

Some of the types of objects stored in the source and bin sub-directories are:


File Type




C Code


C Code header


C Code header - storage definitions


Compiler/linker make file


DBID=*NONE useable read only index file


DBID=*NONE useable read only data file


DBID=*NONE useable read only flat file


Common table definitions


Saved data for reload after table creation


UTF-8 user-defined text strings


C header for user-defined text strings


Log from Deliver To processing



Executable shared library (equivalent to a Windows .DLL)


Executable object (equivalent to a Windows .EXE)


Shell script (equivalent to a Windows .CMD or .BAT file)



Fatal error log


Comms log and trace files.



Trace files for LANSA runtime, when ITRO=Y is specified.


Temporary files


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