3 4 X_RUN or submitted jobs

Deploying Visual LANSA Applications on Linux

3.4 X_RUN or submitted jobs

Where can I find logs of messages and errors?

  • LANSA Fatal errors are logged to a LANSA file called x_err.log and also to the system log. The x_err.log file contains the exact X_RUN parameter list used (including defaults from x_lansa.pro and the $X_RUN environment variable). The x_err.log is located in the $LANSAXROOT/x_lansa/log by default.
  • LANSA messages are logged to standard error (in the case of X_RUN executed from the command line) and the system log.

    Refer to Batch Jobs in the Deploying Visual LANSA Applications Guide for details on capturing standard error output and accessing the system log.
  • LANSA Communications errors are logged to $LANSAXROOT/log/lroute.trc by default. Refer to Linux Configuration in the LANSA Communications Setup Guide for other possible locations.
  • If no log files are being created, and you are not logged in to the Linux Server as the LANSA owner, file and directory permissions may be causing you problems. Try again, using the LANSA owner as the login, and refer to Allow Users Access to LANSA in the Installing LANSA on Linux Guide.

Where can I find out what SQL error -1017 means?

SQL error -1017 means invalid user id or password when connecting to an ORACLE database.

Refer to 3.5.1 Database for help on resolving other SQL errors.

Where can I find out how my default X_RUN parameters are being set?

Refer to Setting up default X_RUN parameters in the Installing LANSA on Linux Guide.

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