1 4 Deliver the Server Portion of an Application to Linux

Deploying Visual LANSA Applications on Linux

1.4 Deliver the Server Portion of an Application to Linux

These instructions assume that the tasks listed in 1.2 Before You Begin Checklist have been carried out.

Determine which system and application objects need to exist on the server. This means all files (and optionally, their data), and any reusable parts, Web objects, functions and their processes that will execute on the Server. These include trigger functions, system variable evaluation functions, RPCs (functions that will be called by CALL_SERVER_FUNCTION or LceLANSACall or LceSubmit), batch jobs that will be called directly from the command-line, and so on. Client-only objects, such as components and functions containing REQUEST, DISPLAY, or POP-UP commands do not need to be deployed to the Server.

Follow the instructions in Other Remote System Monitors in the Visual LANSA Administrator's Guide to define the Linux deployment system, initialize the partition, and deliver your objects to the server.