3 1 Install or Upgrade

Deploying Visual LANSA Applications on Linux

3.1 Install or Upgrade

Any error messages or warnings during execution of vlinstall.py will be logged to stdout.

The most common install problems are usually database issues.

Oracle SQL errors usually appear as:

ORA-99999: message

Note: The following messages are expected (and can be ignored) for upgrades or reinstalls:

ORA-01921: role name XXXX conflicts with another user or role name

ORA-01920: user name XXXXX conflicts with another user or role name

RUNSQL (table creation errors) appear as:

RUNSQL ended in error. Return code is -1652.

If you have database issues, please refer to 3.5.1 Database.

It is safe to re-run the install after you have resolved the issues that caused problems.

Ý 3. Troubleshooting