Introducing File Converter

File Converter

Introducing File Converter

The File Converter application lets you convert text files from DOS format to UNIX format and vice versa. The conversion translates end-of-line character sequences.

In ASCII, the line feed character (<LF>) is a hidden control character that moves the cursor to the same column in the next line. UNIX uses line feed characters to represent the end of a line of text. DOS, however, uses a line feed character and a carriage return character (<CR>)to represent the end of a line.


Sample Text Line


This is a test<LF>


This is a test<CR><LF>

The difference in end-of-line formats can prevent some programs running on one system from opening text files created on a different system.

If you use File Converter to convert a text file from UNIX to DOS, it adds the required <CR> control character. If you convert the file from DOS to UNIX, it removes the <CR> character.

  The NFS protocol does not convert end-of-line characters when transferring text files between UNIX and Windows.

You can convert files using any of the following tools:

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