Value Property


A Sandcastle Documented Class Library Value Property
Gets or sets the value of the cell
Declaration Syntax
C# Visual Basic Visual C++
public Object Value { get; set; }
Public Property Value As Object
property Object^ Value {
	Object^ get ();
	void set (Object^ value);
Value returns a boxed String value of the cell or sets the value of the cell to...
  1. String
  2. Boolean
  3. Byte
  4. Int16
  5. Int32
  6. Int64
  7. Double
  8. Decimal
  9. DateTime
  10. Cell
  11. Formula

If the type is not any of the above, cell value is set to null.

Assembly: Yogesh.ExcelXml (Module: Yogesh.ExcelXml) Version: 2.89.501.2158