InsertRowsBefore Method (row, rows)


A Sandcastle Documented Class Library InsertRowsBefore Method (row, rows)
NamespacesYogesh.ExcelXmlWorksheetInsertRowsBefore(Row, Int32)
Inserts a specific number of rows before a row
Declaration Syntax
C# Visual Basic Visual C++
public void InsertRowsBefore(
	Row row,
	int rows
Public Sub InsertRowsBefore ( _
	row As Row, _
	rows As Integer _
void InsertRowsBefore(
	Row^ row, 
	int rows
row (Row)
Instance of row before which the new rows are inserted
rows (Int32)
Number of rows to insert

Assembly: Yogesh.ExcelXml (Module: Yogesh.ExcelXml) Version: 2.89.501.2158