Inequality Operator


A Sandcastle Documented Class Library Inequality Operator
NamespacesYogesh.ExcelXmlXmlStyleInequality(XmlStyle, XmlStyle)
Inequality operator
Declaration Syntax
C# Visual Basic Visual C++
public static bool operator !=(
	XmlStyle cellOne,
	XmlStyle cellTwo
Public Shared Operator <> ( _
	cellOne As XmlStyle, _
	cellTwo As XmlStyle _
) As Boolean
static bool operator !=(
	XmlStyle^ cellOne, 
	XmlStyle^ cellTwo
cellOne (XmlStyle)
Instance one to compare
cellTwo (XmlStyle)
Instance two to compare
Return Value
true if the values of the styles dont match, false otherwise

Assembly: Yogesh.ExcelXml (Module: Yogesh.ExcelXml) Version: 2.89.501.2158