DeleteColumn Method (index, cascade)


A Sandcastle Documented Class Library DeleteColumn Method (index, cascade)
NamespacesYogesh.ExcelXmlWorksheetDeleteColumn(Int32, Boolean)
Completely removes a column at a given index
Declaration Syntax
C# Visual Basic Visual C++
public void DeleteColumn(
	int index,
	bool cascade
Public Sub DeleteColumn ( _
	index As Integer, _
	cascade As Boolean _
void DeleteColumn(
	int index, 
	bool cascade
index (Int32)
Index of column to delete columns from
cascade (Boolean)
if true, the columns are removed and columns to the right are cascaded leftwards. if false, the columns are only emptied

Assembly: Yogesh.ExcelXml (Module: Yogesh.ExcelXml) Version: 2.89.501.2158