Xash3d Features


Xash3D Features

Xash3D is a Half-Life-compatible engine, so all of the improvements and enhancements listed are relative to the GoldSource (GoldSrc) engine’s features.

This list is for Xash3D 0.95. It will be updated as new features are added.

Primary Limits Limits for BSP Models
Other Limits
Server Shows Attachment Angles
Correct Server-Side Lighting Information
Saving Cameras Using trigger_camera
Better Decal Saving
Entity Patch Technology Support
Support for More Map Types
Support for On-the-Fly Precaching
Secure Transmission of User Messages to the Client
Safe Level Changing
Bundled Titles
Recursive Search for Visible Entities
New Type of Physics Relationship: MOVETYPE_COMPOUND
Stopping Time
File System Transparency
Autocompletion in the Console
Detached from the Base Directory
Fully-Fledged Dedicated Server Console
Colour Console Messages
Auto-Levelshots System
Background Map Support
Sprite Interpolation
Lightstyle Interpolation
Support for Quake-Style Luma Textures
Better Sprite and Model Lighting
Playlist for Background Audio Tracks
Support for Save Shots and Demo Shots
Player Model in the Menu
Dynamic Skybox Substitution
Twitching Monsters Fixed
More Efficient Culling
Viewing Loaded Textures
Automatic Sorting of Translucent Surfaces
Support for Detail Textures
Full Support for Russian
Streamlined Overview Creation
Mirror Surfaces
Rotating Skyboxes
Transparent World Water
High-Resolution Textures
PhysicsInterface and RenderInterface