XMI Add-In Functions

XMI Add-In

XMI Add-In Functions

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There are two main functions of XMI Add-In: importing XMI format files to StarUML(tm) and exporting StarUML(tm) modeling information as XMI format files.

Importing XMI

Use this function to import XMI format files from other XMI-supporting modeling tools to StarUML(tm). The user can review or edit any parts of the imported XMI files and save them as StarUML(tm) project files (.uml) and other formats. XMI Add-In also intelligently extracts and displays information such as the XMI version and UML version of the XMI file to be imported.

See the following help section for help on using the XMI import function.

Exporting XMI

Use this function to export StarUML(tm) modeling information to other XMI-supporting UML modeling tools. The user can export modeling information either in the standard XMI format or in the extended XMI format with diagram information. XMI files exported from StarUML(tm) are saved as XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format files.

See the following help section for help on using the XMI export function.


·StarUML(tm) XMI Add-In supports imports and exports for XMI 1.1 and Unisys XMI 1.1, which includes diagram information.