SoundFrame and the Car Sim

Wwise Car Sim

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SoundFrame and the Car Sim

The SoundFrame technology provides a unique medium to access an external application such as the Car Sim in Wwise and use Wwise as the sound engine. In this way you do not need to generate SoundBanks to play events. You can also carry out complex tasks using the external application that would not otherwise be possible in Wwise, such as modifying many game parameter values at the same time, as you would in the sound engine. From SoundFrame, you can modify everything that can normally be modified using the Sound Engine API, such as Game Syncs. In addition it can be used to integrate the Wwise sound engine into an external editor such as 3ds Max®.

The Car Sim uses the SoundFrame API to send commands to Wwise. Playback occurs in Wwise in the same way it would in the Transport Control or the Soundcaster. Using SoundFrame, it is possible to modify game parameters for RPM and Load, and to add environmental effects to simulate, for example, driving in a tunnel.

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