Welcome to Wwise Car Sim

Wwise Car Sim

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Welcome to Wwise Car Sim

The Car Sim is a sample application that uses SoundFrame to simulate car engine physics. It is an example of the kind of application that can be connected to Wwise using the SoundFrame. You can use the Car Sim to simulate the various car engine sounds before the game engine is complete. It allows you to make multiple changes to RTPC values simultaneously. This means that you can try out different engine physics and algorithms for your game long before you actually integrate these into the game and then audition them in Wwise. This extra lead time for development and testing can save you valuable time at the end of the cycle as well as enhance the quality of your game.

This small application allows you to add environmental effects and change the dry and wet volume as well as save the simulations and car settings data for further use.

How to Use the Car Sim Help

Wwise Car Sim Help contains both reference topics describing each view, field, and option, and task-based information. This compiled Microsoft HTML Help is grouped into two separate sections to provide you with comprehensive information about the Wwise Car Sim.

  • Using the Car Sim—shows you how to get started with the Car Sim.
  • Car Sim Reference—provides complete information about all the options and views in the Car Sim.
  • Using Other Wwise Documents and Support

    The Car Sim Help is only one component in our comprehensive set of materials and resources that are available for you. Consult the other Wwise documents as needed. For additional help you can also visit our online support center.

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