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Progress + Statistics

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F12 to open, or click on progress - section of the Info Bar in the main window


Values are kept with the file:

  • the limit value of the progress count, its unit setting and the corresponding partial count value are saved as the file's meta data (NTFS file system only) and restored when the file is reopened.
  • image These values are lost when you copy the file to a non NTFS drive, or when the file is sent via e-mail

If you prefer another thousands-seperator (even a space is possible):


Progress Formulas

If your chosen unit consists of pages or reading time,
enter your personal formula on the Misc-tab:


You can use the following variables:

  • words
  • characters
  • nonspaces
  • paragraphs
  • sentences image a sentence is any block of text that ends with . ! ? ;


  • words/300 image equals 300 words per page (or reading minute)
  • characters/(70*25) image equals 70 char/line times 25 lines/page

Characters per line might be a more accurate measure than words per line:

  • long words and hyphenation are less prone to distort the estimate
  • column inches can be approximated by counting characters
  • characters/34 image turns page count into a 'line count' (for newspaper assignments)

Reading Time

  • to limit your text to minutes and seconds
  • great when preparing texts for spoken media, speeches, lectures etc.


Don't confuse reading time with the Sprint Writing Timer

  • reading time is set in minutes and seconds and displayed in the Progress section
  • the sprint timer is set in hours and minutes and displayed in the Time section


The title bar will indicate whether statistics are based on

  • your current selection: Progress (selection)
  • the whole document: Progress (document) if nothing is selected


Pages and Reading time stats are based on the formula you enter on the Misc-Tab of Preferences, details see above.

Hard words consist of 3 syllables or more
Lexical density: External
Gunning fog index: External

List of word frequencies:

  • words with less than 3 characters are not shown
  • words with 3 characters are faded
  • hard words (3 syllables or more) are bold


the list is sorted by frequency, scroll right to see less frequent words

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