WinDirStat - Directory Statistics

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Shows where all your disk space has gone, and helps you clean it up.

You know the problem: The hard disk is almost full, and you don't know, where the big files actually are lying, which occupy all the space. They may well be hidden in sub-sub-directories. To find out this by means of the Windows Explorer, is tiring: you would have to expand and collapse directories over and over or view the "Properties" of the directories, which always count just the size of a single subtree. It's hard to form a mental image of the hard disk usage in this way. This is where WinDirStat helps.

On start up WinDirStat opens the Select Drives Dialog. Press the OK button.

Then WinDirStat reads in the whole directory tree once (this can last some minutes depending on the hard disk size) and then presents it in three useful views:

Directory List Extension List

The views are coupled with each other.

You can clean up the hard disks with several Cleanups.

The views and the User Defined Cleanups can be configured according to your personal needs.



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