Serveral clean up actions can be applied to a selected item. The cleanups are accessible through the main menu, the tool bar and through keyboard shortcuts.

Refresh Selected

Possibly an item has been deleted or modified outside of WinDirStat. "Refresh" makes WinDirStat re-read the item, so that the display accords with the actual conditions on the hard disk again.

Copy Path

Copies the path of the selected item into the clipboard.


Opens the selected file. Note that in case of an executable file (.exe), this means that the program is started.

Explorer here

Launches the Windows Explorer so that it shows the selected item.

Command Prompt here

Launches the DOS prompt in the selected directory.

Delete (to Recycle Bin)

Moves the selected item into the recycle bin. Then the item and the recycle bin directories are refreshed.

Delete (no way to undelete)

Deletes the selected item irreversibly. Then the item is refreshed. Please delete only files and directories, when you know that neither you nor the system needs it any more!


Opens the 'Properties' dialog for the selected file.

Send Mail to Owner

Generates a textual report about the selected directory, which can be sent a via e-mail to its owner. This is intended for network drives, which are used by several people. The report accurately contains the lines displayed in the directory list underneath the selected item, in the same "expansion state" and in the same sort order.

User Defined Cleanups

In addition to these built-in clean ups you can freely define your own cleanups.