Extension List


Extension List

The extension list contains all types (filename extensions) occurring in the directory tree. For every file type the column "Bytes" shows the sum of the file sizes. By default, the extension list is sorted descending by this column. So at the top are those files types, which all in all take up most space on the hard disk.

12 colors are assigned to the 12 file types, which take up most space. The rest is grey. The treemap shows the files in these colors.


  • Extension. Icon and filename extension.
  • Color. The color, which is used by the treemap to display the files of this type.
  • Description. Description of the file type. Corresponds to the description shown by the Windows Explorer.
  • Bytes. Total volume of the file type in the directory tree. Sum of the sizes of all files of this type.
  • % Bytes. The same information as proportion related to the overall tree size.
  • Files. Number of files of this type in the directory tree.


Click on an extension: The treemap highlights all files of this type.