Select Drives Dialog


Select Drives Dialog

Here you can decide which drives to include in the statistics.

You can select one or more drives from the list or choose a directory.

The list shows all present drives (hard disks, inserted floppy disks or CDs, and network drives).


  • Name. Name and drive letter of the drive.
  • Total. Capacity of the drive.
  • Free. Free space on the drive.
  • Used/Total Percentage of used space, related to the capacity.
  • Used/Total The same information in percent.


The dialog box has three "radio buttons".

  • All local drives. This is the default. Scans all local drives, that is all drives, which are not network drives. Drives created with SUBST are also excluded (NT and higher only).
  • Individual drives. Here you can explicitly select a set of drives.
  • A folder. Here you can select a folder or an UNC path.
Click on OK to begin the scan.

The selection is persistent, i.e. when you open the dialog the next time, the default setting will be that which you made the last time.