WINC1500 IoT Software APIs: tstrOtaUpdateInfo Struct Reference

WINC1500 IoT Software API

WINC1500 IoT Software APIs  19.5.2
WINC Software API Reference Manual
tstrOtaUpdateInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32 u8NcfUpgradeVersion
uint32 u8NcfCurrentVersion
uint32 u8NcdUpgradeVersion
uint8 u8NcdRequiredUpgrade
uint8 u8DownloadUrlOffset
uint8 u8DownloadUrlSize
uint8 __PAD8__

Detailed Description

OTA Update Information.

See also

Field Documentation

◆ u8NcfUpgradeVersion

uint32 u8NcfUpgradeVersion

NCF OTA Upgrade Version

◆ u8NcfCurrentVersion

uint32 u8NcfCurrentVersion

NCF OTA Current firmware version

◆ u8NcdUpgradeVersion

uint32 u8NcdUpgradeVersion

NCD (host) upgraded version (if the u8NcdRequiredUpgrade == true)

◆ u8NcdRequiredUpgrade

uint8 u8NcdRequiredUpgrade

NCD Required upgrade to the above version

◆ u8DownloadUrlOffset

uint8 u8DownloadUrlOffset

Download URL offset in the received packet

◆ u8DownloadUrlSize

uint8 u8DownloadUrlSize

Download URL size in the received packet

◆ __PAD8__

uint8 __PAD8__

Padding bytes for forcing 4-byte alignment

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