WINC1500 IoT Software APIs: m2m_wifi_prng_get_random_bytes

WINC1500 IoT Software API

WINC1500 IoT Software APIs  19.5.2
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sint8 m2m_wifi_prng_get_random_bytes (uint8 *pu8PrngBuff, uint16 u16PrngSize)

Detailed Description

Asynchronous function for retrieving from the firmware a pseudo-random set of bytes as specifed in the size passed in as a parameter. The registered wifi-cb function retrieves the random bytes through the response M2M_WIFI_RESP_GET_PRNG

Function Documentation

◆ m2m_wifi_prng_get_random_bytes()

sint8 m2m_wifi_prng_get_random_bytes ( uint8 pu8PRNGBuff,
uint16  u16PRNGSize 
[out]pu8PrngBuffPointer to a buffer to receive data.
[in]u16PrngSizeRequest size in bytes
Size greater than the maximum specified (M2M_BUFFER_MAX_SIZE - sizeof(tstrPrng)) causes a negative error M2M_ERR_FAIL.
See also
The function returns M2M_SUCCESS for successful operations and a negative value otherwise.
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