VL53L0X API Specification: VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t Struct Reference


VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t Struct Reference

#include <vl53l0x_def.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t HistogramData [VL53L0X_HISTOGRAM_BUFFER_SIZE]
uint8_t HistogramType
uint8_t FirstBin
uint8_t BufferSize
uint8_t NumberOfBins
VL53L0X_DeviceError ErrorStatus

Detailed Description

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Field Documentation

uint32_t VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t::HistogramData[VL53L0X_HISTOGRAM_BUFFER_SIZE]

Histogram data

Definition at line 354 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t::HistogramType

Indicate the types of histogram data : Return only, Reference only, both Return and Reference

Definition at line 356 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t::FirstBin

First Bin value

Definition at line 358 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t::BufferSize

Buffer Size - Set by the user.

Definition at line 359 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t::NumberOfBins

Number of bins filled by the histogram measurement

Definition at line 360 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

VL53L0X_DeviceError VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t::ErrorStatus

Error status of the current measurement.
see VL53L0X_DeviceError VL53L0X_GetStatusErrorString()

Definition at line 363 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

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