VL53L0X API Specification: VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t Struct Reference


VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t Struct Reference

Defines all parameters for the device. More...

#include <vl53l0x_def.h>

Data Fields

VL53L0X_DeviceModes DeviceMode
VL53L0X_HistogramModes HistogramMode
uint32_t MeasurementTimingBudgetMicroSeconds
uint32_t InterMeasurementPeriodMilliSeconds
uint8_t XTalkCompensationEnable
uint16_t XTalkCompensationRangeMilliMeter
FixPoint1616_t XTalkCompensationRateMegaCps
int32_t RangeOffsetMicroMeters
uint8_t LimitChecksEnable [VL53L0X_CHECKENABLE_NUMBER_OF_CHECKS]
uint8_t LimitChecksStatus [VL53L0X_CHECKENABLE_NUMBER_OF_CHECKS]
FixPoint1616_t LimitChecksValue [VL53L0X_CHECKENABLE_NUMBER_OF_CHECKS]
uint8_t WrapAroundCheckEnable

Detailed Description

Defines all parameters for the device.

Definition at line 234 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Field Documentation

VL53L0X_DeviceModes VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::DeviceMode

Defines type of measurement to be done for the next measure

Definition at line 235 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

VL53L0X_HistogramModes VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::HistogramMode

Defines type of histogram measurement to be done for the next measure

Definition at line 237 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint32_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::MeasurementTimingBudgetMicroSeconds

Defines the allowed total time for a single measurement

Definition at line 240 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint32_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::InterMeasurementPeriodMilliSeconds

Defines time between two consecutive measurements (between two measurement starts). If set to 0 means back-to-back mode

Definition at line 242 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::XTalkCompensationEnable

Tells if Crosstalk compensation shall be enable or not

Definition at line 245 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint16_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::XTalkCompensationRangeMilliMeter

CrossTalk compensation range in millimeter

Definition at line 247 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

FixPoint1616_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::XTalkCompensationRateMegaCps

CrossTalk compensation rate in Mega counts per seconds. Expressed in 16.16 fixed point format.

Definition at line 249 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

int32_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::RangeOffsetMicroMeters

Range offset adjustment (mm).

Definition at line 252 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::LimitChecksEnable[VL53L0X_CHECKENABLE_NUMBER_OF_CHECKS]

This Array store all the Limit Check enable for this device.

Definition at line 255 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::LimitChecksStatus[VL53L0X_CHECKENABLE_NUMBER_OF_CHECKS]

This Array store all the Status of the check linked to last measurement.

Definition at line 257 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

FixPoint1616_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::LimitChecksValue[VL53L0X_CHECKENABLE_NUMBER_OF_CHECKS]

This Array store all the Limit Check value for this device

Definition at line 260 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t::WrapAroundCheckEnable

Tells if Wrap Around Check shall be enable or not

Definition at line 263 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

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