Discussions Property

Microsoft Office Web Discussions Client Language

Discussions Property


Returns the collection of all Discussion objects that are replies to the specified Discussion object.


expression   Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


The returned collection can also contain a Discussion collection composed of replies to a parent discussion, which you can access by using the Discussions property for a specific Discussion object within that collection. There’s no functional limit to the number of levels of discussions, other than the limits of the mass storage device that houses the server you’re using.


This example uses the Discussions property to return a discussion that’s a response to the specified discussion, and then it sets the returned discussion's subject to "More Supply Questions".

Dim dscDiscussions As Discussions
Set dscDiscussions = OpenDiscussions("http://samples.microsoft.com")
dscDiscussions(1).Discussions(3).Subject = _
    "More Supply Questions