AutoCommit Property

Microsoft Office Web Discussions Client Language

AutoCommit Property


Returns or sets a value that specifies whether changes to properties of the specified Discussion object immediately affect the discussion store. Read/write Boolean.


expression   Required. An expression that returns a Discussion object.


If this property is set to True, all programmatic changes to individual properties of a Discussion object are immediately committed to the discussion store. If it’s set to False, no property changes are committed to the discussion store until you call the Commit method. If you don’t call the Commit method before ending the session, all pending property changes are lost. The default value is True.

For performance reasons, you may want to set the AutoCommit property to False and use the Commit method as appropriate.


This example sets the AutoCommit property to False for the specified Discussion object.

Dim dscDiscussions As Discussions
Set dscDiscussions = OpenDiscussions("")
dscDiscussions(1).Discussions(1).AutoCommit = False