Discussion Object

Microsoft Office Web Discussions Client Language

Discussion Object

Global DiscussionServers (DiscussionServer)
Discussions (Discussion)

Represents a discussion in the Microsoft Office host application. The Discussion object is a member of the Discussions collection.

Using the Discussion Object

Use Discussions(Index), where Index is the index number of a discussion, to return a single Discussion object. The following example sets the variable dscOfficeSupplies to the first discussion in the Discussions collection.

Set dscOfficeSupplies = dscDiscussions(1)

Use the AutoCommit property to set or return the status of commit operations, which govern whether changes to properties of a Discussion object immediately affect the discussion store. Use the Commit method to force the application to save all properties of the current discussion item (including property changes) to the discussion store on the server. The following example checks the value of AutoCommit for the specified discussion and, if the property is set to False, the example uses the Commit method to save changes to the discussion store.

If dscDiscussions(1).Discussions(4).AutoCommit = False Then
End If

Use the Author property to get the user name of the current discussion’s author. Use the LoginName property to get the Microsoft Windows NT logon name of the discussion’s author. Use the Timestamp property to get the date and time that the discussion was created or the date and time of the most recent modification to the discussion. The following example displays the author's name, the date and time of creation or the most recent modification, and the Microsoft Windows NT logon name for the specified discussion .

MsgBox dscDiscussions(1).Discussions(5).Author & _
    " created this discussion at " & _
    dscDiscussions(1).Discussions(5).Timestamp & _
    " while logged in as Windows NT user " & _

Use the Discussions property to return the collection of all discussion items that are replies to the current discussion. The returned collection can also contain a Discussions collection composed of replies to a parent discussion, which you can access by using the Discussions property for a specific discussion within that collection.

Use the Subject, Text, and Bookmark properties to return or set those elements of the specified discussion.