D.2. Tsvncmd URL handler


D.2. Tsvncmd URL handler

Using special URLs, it is also possible to call TortoiseProc from a web page.

TortoiseSVN registers a new protocol tsvncmd: which can be used to create hyperlinks that execute TortoiseSVN commands. The commands and parameters are the same as when automating TortoiseSVN from the command line.

The format of the tsvncmd: URL is like this:


with cmd being one of the allowed commands, parameter being the name of a parameter like path or revision, and paramvalue being the value to use for that parameter. The list of parameters allowed depends on the command used.

The following commands are allowed with tsvncmd: URLs:

  • :update
  • :commit
  • :diff
  • :repobrowser
  • :checkout
  • :export
  • :blame
  • :repostatus
  • :revisiongraph
  • :showcompare
  • :log

A simple example URL might look like this:

<a href="tsvncmd:command:update?path:c:\svn_wc?rev:1234">Update</a>

or in a more complex case:

<a href="tsvncmd:command:showcompare?