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Super Finder is a powerful replacement for Windows™ built-in search.

With Super Finder, you can search files, folders and other data efficiently and easily.

Super Finder can be used for locating files or folders in the file system and directory tree with an extensive set of criteria.

Files or folders can be located by name, location, size, date and time, or content of the file.

All versions include these advanced features:


Idea More search speed (compared with standard search).

Idea "True" search text in file (also Unicode!).

Idea Search for hexadecimal pattern in file.

Idea Full wild card support.

Idea Smart Search: allow to search for similar names without type the asterisk (*) and the question mark (?) wild card characters at the begin, end or middle of partial file name or extension to search.

Idea Exclusion list, by file extensions or full/partial name.

Idea Selectable search also for folders.

Idea Remember all last settings (selectable).

Idea Shell integration (right-click contextual menu on drives and folders).


Idea Drag & Drop (or Copy) of found files.

Idea Right click on found files: activate the Explorer contextual popup menu.

Idea One-click file operations: Open, Copy, Delete, Explore, Rename, Properties.

Idea Inspired from simple layout of old (but good) Windows NT™ built-in search.

Idea Automatic (and/or manual) check for program updates.

Idea Multilanguage interface: English, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Galician, Croatian, German, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Slovak, Arabian, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Serbian, Polish, Ukrainian, Valencian, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish and Vietnamese. Read here if you want to translate into other languages or dialects.

Idea Character Set management to support translation into non-Latin languages (for example: Russian, Chinese, etc.).

Idea Free support forum for help, bugs report or requests.


Privileged Users version has these added benefits:


Idea Multiple items selection. With this feature you can delete, copy, show properties, open (execute), explore and drag and drop (copy) of multiple files.

Idea MRU (most recent used) management for all edit fields (file name, excluded files, search pattern and path).

Idea Capability to use "?" wildcard for search contents.

Idea Recycle Bin Deep Scan option.

Idea Compact View mode: for low resolution monitors... or simply to reduce the screen used area.

Idea Changeable color themes (Skins).

Idea Program activation by pressing customizable hot key on keyboard.




Super Finder has received some awards from various freeware publishing sites.



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