sl_mqtt_client: SlMqttClientLibCfg_t Struct Reference

SimpleLink MQTT Client Layer

SlMqttClientLibCfg_t Struct Reference

#include <sl_mqtt_client.h>

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Public Attributes

_u16 loopback_port
_u32 rx_tsk_priority
_u32 resp_time
bool aux_debug_en
_i32(* dbg_print )(const char *pcFormat,...)

Detailed Description

MQTT Lib structure which holds Initialization Data

Member Data Documentation

Assert to indicate additional debug info

_i32(* SlMqttClientLibCfg_t::dbg_print)(const char *pcFormat,...)

Print debug information

< Loopback port is used to manage lib internal functioning in case of connections to multiple servers simultaneously is desired. Loopback port = 0, implies connection to only single server Loopback port != 0, implies connection to multiple servers

Reasonable response time (seconds) from server

Priority of the receive task

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