sl_mqtt_client: D:/Project/SimpleLink/mqtt/doxygen/client/sl_mqtt_client.h File Reference

SimpleLink MQTT Client Layer

D:/Project/SimpleLink/mqtt/doxygen/client/sl_mqtt_client.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include "simplelink.h"

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struct  SlMqttClientCbs_t
struct  SlMqttWill_t
struct  SlMqttServer_t
struct  SlMqttClientLibCfg_t
struct  SlMqttClientCtxCfg_t


#define SL_MQTT_CL_EVT_PUBACK   0x04
#define SL_MQTT_CL_EVT_PUBCOMP   0x07
#define SL_MQTT_CL_EVT_SUBACK   0x09
#define SL_MQTT_NETCONN_IP6   0x04
#define SL_MQTT_NETCONN_URL   0x08
#define SL_MQTT_NETCONN_SEC   0x10
#define SL_MQTT_PARAM_CLIENT_ID   0x01
#define SL_MQTT_PARAM_USER_NAME   0x02
#define SL_MQTT_PARAM_PASS_WORD   0x03
#define SL_MQTT_PARAM_TOPIC_QOS1   0x04


_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientInit (const SlMqttClientLibCfg_t *cfg)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientExit ()
void * sl_ExtLib_MqttClientCtxCreate (const SlMqttClientCtxCfg_t *ctx_cfg, const SlMqttClientCbs_t *msg_cbs, void *app_hndl)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientCtxDelete (void *cli_ctx)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientSet (void *cli_ctx, _i32 param, const void *value, _u32 len)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientGet (void *cli_ctx, _i32 param, void *value, _u32 len)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientConnect (void *cli_ctx, bool clean, _u16 keep_alive_time)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientDisconnect (void *cli_ctx)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientSub (void *cli_ctx, char *const *topics, _u8 *qos, _i32 count)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientUnsub (void *cli_ctx, char *const *topics, _i32 count)
_i32 sl_ExtLib_MqttClientSend (void *cli_ctx, const char *topic, const void *data, _i32 len, char qos, bool retain)

Define Documentation

#define SL_MQTT_NETCONN_IP6   0x04

Assert for IPv6 connection, otherwise IPv4

#define SL_MQTT_NETCONN_SEC   0x10

Connection to server must be secure (TLS)

#define SL_MQTT_NETCONN_URL   0x08

Server address is an URL and not IP address

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