_BSP_User_Manual: Private Variables

STM3210E EVAL BSP Driver

Private Variables


LCD_DrawPropTypeDef DrawProp
static LCD_DrvTypeDef * lcd_drv
static uint8_t bitmap [MAX_HEIGHT_FONT *MAX_WIDTH_FONT *2+OFFSET_BITMAP] = {0}
static uint32_t LCD_SwapXY = 0

Variable Documentation

uint8_t bitmap[MAX_HEIGHT_FONT *MAX_WIDTH_FONT *2+OFFSET_BITMAP] = {0} [static]

Definition at line 117 of file stm3210e_eval_lcd.c.

Referenced by LCD_DrawChar().

Definition at line 112 of file stm3210e_eval_lcd.c.

uint32_t LCD_SwapXY = 0 [static]
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