SOPIA Suite Help Files


TraP uses the Spies script to take up to 3 photographs and create a KMZ file which can be opened in Google Earth. Up to 3 photographs can be plotted using TraP. In order to use TraP, you must have used and clicked 'Yes' to use TraP.


  • python 2.7 installation
  • Pyexiv2
  • Windows OS
  • Required for visualisation of KMZ: Google Earth

How To Use

Step 1:

TraP will prompt you to choose a directory to parse for coordinates. You should already.
have the photographs you wish to use with TraP in the photoEvidence folder of SPIES.

Step 2:

You should save the file in the spiesDir\output foder. You should use
.kmz as a file extention.

Step 3:

TraP will create a KML file, copy the photographs into a directory called files,
and add them into a KMZ file. You will end up with something like this:

Step 4:

TraP will now copy the photographs from the 'photoEvidence' folder into the 'output\pics' folder.
TraP will automatically create a KMZ file in the output folder and confirm the script has finished.


TraP was designed as a useful extention to Spies, because Spies had so much potential, I thought it would be a good idea to use that potential to make a useful piece of software.