SOPIA Suite Help Files

What Is SOPIA Suite?

SOPIA Suite is an acronym of 'Simon's Original Python Investigation Arsenal'.
SOPIA Suite consists of six Digital Forensics tools, these are:

  • DuFF - Duplicate File Finder
  • FiBs - File Investigation Bitesize
  • Shift - Simon's Hash Info Finder Tool
  • Spies - Simon's Portable iPhone Exif-Extraction Software
  • SIPHON - Windows.edb Thumbcache Info Extractor
  • TracePlace - An extention of Spies. Plots coordinates on Google Earth
  • FAQ
  • SopiaSuite License

What's so good about SopiaSuite?

SopiaSuite is FREE and open-source! Released under the "GNU Lesser GPL",
you are free to study, share and modify the software to YOUR needs.

For more information and/or details on how to use the suite, please click on one
of the links above.

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