NETMF Setup Manual for SH7264 RSK


3.    Memory Map

The memory map of SH7264 RSK .NETMF Porting kit is shown below. Two types of memory configurations are supported.

3.1                For full functions with external NOR Flash memory and SDRAM



















Figure 3.1   The memory map of SH7264 RSK .NETMF Porting Kit - 1

  In this case, the memory size for TinyCLR can be large so full features can be included in TinyCLR. In addition, the big heap area can be allocated so it can keep large frame buffer for LCD display.

3.2                For limited functions with Low Cost Serial Flash memory and Internal RAM




















Figure 3.2   The memory map of SH7264 RSK .NETMF Porting Kit - 2

   In this case, the TinyCLR and Work Data area are located in Internal RAM area so the external SDRAM is not required. However, Internal RAM is smaller than external SDRAM so features in TinyCLR are limited.


Notification: In the initial setting, Heap area is located in SDRAM.