1. Overview


2.    Setup

2.1                Preparation

Before setting up Porting Kit, below software have to be installed.

-         Visual Studio 2010

-         Renesas C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH RISC engine family V.9.02 Release 00 or later


For these instructions, we will assume it is installed in

   c:\Program Files\Renesas\Hew\Tools\Renesas\Sh\x_y_z*

2.2                Install .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit

    Install porting Kit by executing MicroFrameworkPK.msi.

2.3                Set Path

1)   Open a command-line prompt

2)   Change the current directory to


3)   Enter below,

        setenv_shc "c:\Program Files\Renesas\Hew\Tools\Renesas\Sh\x_y_z*"


*x_y_z is the version of the compiler being used for example 9_2_0.