Playing Reversi


Playing Reversi

Starting a Game

Click on the New Game button New Game on the tool bar or select Game > New Game [Ctrl+N] from the menu bar to begin play.

Making Moves

The Current indicator to the right of the board shows the color of the player who has the current move. The status area at the bottom of the window will also indicate the current player.

On your turn, you may make a move either by clicking on a board square with the mouse pointer or by typing the column letter (A - H) followed by the row number (1 - 8) on the keyboard. If the square you choose is not a legal move, it is ignored and you will have to select again (see Reversi Rules for details).

Once you or your opponent makes a move, the board will be updated and play continues with the next turn.

Undo/Redo Moves

You can undo the last move made by clicking on the Undo Move button Undo Move on the tool bar or selecting Move > Undo Move [Ctrl+Z] from the menu bar. Clicking on the Redo Move button Redo Move or selecting Move > Redo Move [Ctrl+Y] will restore the last move undone.

Both options can be used repeatedly to restore the game to any point in the current move history. You can also jump directly to the start of the game using the Undo All Moves button Undo All Moves on the tool bar or by selecting Move > Undo All Moves [Ctrl+Shift+Z] from the menu bar. Likewise, you clicking on Redo All Moves button Redo All Moves or selecting Move > Redo All Moves [Ctrl+ShiftY] will restore all moves made so far.

Note that when you undo/redo moves while playing against the computer, play is automatically suspended on the computer's turns. To resume play on the computer's turn, click on the Resume Play Resume Play button or select Move > Resume Play [Ctrl+P] from the menu bar and the computer will make it's move. To resume play on your turn, simply make a new move on the board.

Ending a Game

When the board is filled, or when neither player can make a legal move, the game is over and the outcome will be shown in the status area.

You can resign a game at any time by clicking on the Resign Game button Resign Game on the tool bar or selecting Game > Resign Game [Ctrl+R] from the menu bar. If you're playing against the computer, this awards the computer a win. When playing against another person, the opponent of the current player is awarded the win (see Statistics). In both cases, the winner is assigned a score of 64-0.

To start a new game, select New Game as described above.

You can exit the program at any time by closing the window or selecting Game > Exit [Ctrl+X] from the menu bar.