Wrapper Extraction


Wrapper Extraction

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This is the most common method of protection that RealArcade uses.


"RealArcade" will be referred to "RA" from now on.


This method works in the following manner:


When you install a game from the RA installer after downloading it from the RA browser, it copies several files to reference the game for loading and then it copies the actual game
itself to another folder (default=C:\My Games).
It copies every file that the game needs to run, in full version form, except the main executable. It is decompressed into the games root folder upon launch of the game from the time limit demo menu. It is a hidden file, but of course if you have your view set to "Show All Files" in windoze, then you will see it, but it will be transparent.


After the game is closed, the file is deleted and you are none the wiser that you were just playing the full version of the game and now it's gone...at least until you want to play again...on a time limit. Now that's some good protection! :)


OK. Let's have some fun!
Open gamename_r1a.exe.
After that you will notice it extracts lots of files, ignore this, it's all crap demo files that RA uses.
Go back to the RA window and launch the game. It will tell you how many minutes you have left...BLAH!!, BLAH!!, BLAH!! :)
Upon launch there is one to a few more files extracted, generally just one, our main full version executable! Some other files might be logs, crap, etc.
The one we want is the same name as our executable minus the "_r1a".

Some games also decompress data files upon their first launch, if that is the case then you will need these too (i have only seen a small handful of these).
Example: dropheads_r1a.exe >>extracts>> dropheads.exe
Once the game is loaded, press the windoze key to minimize the game.
Now copy the gamename.exe that was extracted (CTRL+C) and copy to another location, or paste into the same folder (CTRL+V).


NOTE: if you paste into the same folder, you will have a file called "Copy of gamename.exe" instead of gamename.exe. Simply rename this file after the game is closed.

Close the game and copy gamename.exe back to the install folder.
Run the game with gamename.exe now instead of through RA.


The game will run solo now, without having to call RA and see how much time you have left :)


Please see the "Illustration" portion for this method if you are confused or would just like an illustrated example to help you better understand.


These files can also be deleted, but is not necessary:




readme.txt   <<< sometimes this file does not exist.





These are the files that the RA software uses to determine game and user information.


Final Note:


If you do decide that you actually like any of these games and you find yourself playing one for long periods of time on a daily basis, then PLEASE PAY FOR THE GAME!