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Please refer to the "Wrapper Extraction Method" Illustration if you need help downloading or installing any of the games.


Once Hedit is opened you will notice the first MZ header (this is the RealArcade one).


Click "Find" or hit CTRL+F on your keyboard.




Once opened, type MZ in the search box.




The first one it will find is obviously the one we already see.


So press F3 on your keyboard to find the next one.




Now this one is where the actual game itself starts, so we need to delete everything before it.


DO NOT delete the 2nd  "M" or the "Z".


This will be our new header at the top.




Simply click your mouse before the M and drag all the way up until you have everything highlighted and you are at the topmost portion in your editor.


Once highlighted, press the DELETE key on your keyboard.




BE ABSOLUTELY SURE that you do not have the 2nd M or Z highlighted.


If all is OK to delete.




Now we have a new first header and there is no longer a second.


So what we have done is forced the game header to load first and delete the RealArcade header completely. Now the game will load without the assistance of RealArcade.




Last but not more RealArcade in the status bar........unReal!




Happy Hacking!


[- cRypTiC 2ooX -]