Transfer a License

Portable License Utility

Transfer a License

Using the Portable License utility, you can transfer an Autodesk product license between computers. You may want to transfer a license to a computer temporarily (if you want to use an Autodesk product on your home computer, for example) or permanently (if the computer where you originally activated your Autodesk product is no longer available). You can leave the license on the secondary computer indefinitely, or you can move the license between computers as needed.

If you need to distribute licenses to many users at one time (in a classroom setting, for example), you may want to have more than one Autodesk product license on a computer at a time. The Portable License utility helps you to manage the transfer of multiple licenses from a single computer.

Set Up the Source and Target Computers

When you transfer a license for the first time, it's important that you set up your source and target computers properly. Here are the steps in the initial setup process.

Step 1: Install the Autodesk Product on the source and target computers.

Step 2: Obtain the Computer Identification Code from the Target Computer.

Step 3: Add the Target Computer Identification Code to the Computer List on the Source Computer.

Transfer Between Computers

After you set up your computers to run the Portable License utility, you can export and import your license as needed. Here are the steps in a license transfer.

Step 1: Export a License from the Source Computer.

Step 2: Import a License to the Target Computer.