Export a License from the Source Computer

Portable License Utility

Export a License from the Source Computer

After you add the target computer's identification code to the computer list, you export the license from the source computer.

When you move a product license from one computer and plan to add it to another computer, you are exporting that license. A license is exported when the Portable License utility converts an active product license into a portable format (either transfer file or transfer code) that can be moved to the target computer.

NoteThe Portable License utility has a twenty-four hour grace period, during which time you can run the product on the source computer after the license has been moved to another computer. When the grace period expires, however, the source computer cannot run the product again until you complete a “round trip” of the license (once you have moved the license to the target computer, you need to move it from that computer back to the source computer). The grace period may not be available if you have recently used the emergency license on the source computer.

To export a license

  1. On the source computer, click Start menu (Windows) All Programs (or Programs) Autodesk [Autodesk product name] Portable License Utility.
  2. On the Licenses tab, select the license you want to export. Click Export License.

    The Export License dialog box displays the Autodesk product name and license name, and lists the computer name and identification code of all computers in the computer list.

  3. In the Export To list, select a Target Computer.
    NoteThe target computer is the only place this exported license can go. You cannot select one target computer now and then transfer the license to a different computer. In the Export To list, select a target computer.
  4. Check your notes to verify that the identification code is correct for the target computer.

    The identification code displayed here must match the code on the target computer exactly.

  5. Under Export Type, select an export type.
    Note You must select Use Transfer File if this is the first time you are transferring this license to the target computer. The transfer file contains license information needed by the target computer.
  6. Click Transfer License.
  7. In the Export Succeeded dialog box, click OK.
  8. In the Portable License Utility window, click Close.