OpenNI 2.0: openni::DeviceInfo Class Reference

OpenNI 2.0

openni::DeviceInfo Class Reference

#include <OpenNI.h>

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Public Member Functions

const char * getName () const
const char * getUri () const
uint16_t getUsbProductId () const
uint16_t getUsbVendorId () const
const char * getVendor () const


class Device
class OpenNI

Detailed Description

The DeviceInfo class encapsulates info related to a specific device.

Applications will generally obtain objects of this type via calls to OpenNI::enumerateDevices() or openni::Device::getDeviceInfo(), and then use the various accessor functions to obtain specific information on that device.

There should be no reason for application code to instantiate this object directly.

Member Function Documentation

const char* openni::DeviceInfo::getName ( ) const [inline]

Returns the device name for this device.

const char* openni::DeviceInfo::getUri ( ) const [inline]

Returns the device URI. URI can be used by Device::open to open a specific device. The URI string format is determined by the driver.

uint16_t openni::DeviceInfo::getUsbProductId ( ) const [inline]

Returns the USB PID code for this device.

uint16_t openni::DeviceInfo::getUsbVendorId ( ) const [inline]

Returns the USB VID code for this device.

const char* openni::DeviceInfo::getVendor ( ) const [inline]

Returns a the vendor name for this device.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Device [friend]
friend class OpenNI [friend]

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