PXI Bus Basics

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PXI Bus Basics

How do I use MAX with my PXI buses?

PXI buses represent the internal PCI-to-PCI bridge hierarchy for your PXI system. The configuration tree represents the buses, using information about which buses are subordinates of other buses. Any bus identified as a chassis (such as a chassis connected by National Instruments MXI bridging solutions) is now shown as a chassis, rather than a bus. You must identify third-party PCI-to-PCI bridges that connect to PXI chassis before configuring the chassis. You may see other PXI buses in your PXI system. These buses are PCI-to-PCI bridges internal to your computer or bridges on multifunction devices, and should not be identified as chassis.

What can I do at the PXI bus level?

You can identify your PXI bus as a chassis.

What do you want to do?

 Identify my PXI bus as a chassis

Right-click the PXI bus that represents your third-party PCI-to-PCI bridge to a chassis and select Identify as a PXI chassis