Identifying a PXI Chassis

NI MAX Help for PXI

Identifying a PXI Chassis

MAX supports single-chassis or multiple-chassis configurations, and you must identify each chassis separately.

When using a National Instruments system controller (remote or embedded), all connected PXI chassis are detected and displayed in the configuration tree under the PXI system node. Some chassis are in nonconfigured state by default and must be identified, while the PXI software auto-identifies other chassis (including all PXI Express chassis).

To identify a PXI chassis, right-click Chassis (Unidentified) and choose the appropriate chassis type from the chassis list in the Identify AsĀ» menu. You can also identify a PXI chassis by selecting the chassis and the appropriate chassis type from the drop-down menu in the Slot View in the right pane.

After a chassis is identified, MAX assigns the first available number starting from 1 to the chassis. You can renumber the chassis after it has been identified by right-clicking the chassis and choosing Renumber.