Using the Local License Server

NI License Manager

Using the Local License Server

Note  Most products do not require the Local License Server. The controls for this feature remain hidden unless you have installed LabVIEW Remote Panel Connections 8.5 or earlier.

Use the Local License Server to manage licenses for LabVIEW Remote panel Connections 8.5 or earlier and display the current status of the License Server. The License Server consists of two daemon processes (lmgrd and nilm) that run as services.

To start or stop an inactive server, click the Start/Stop Local License Server button on the NI License Manager toolbar. This feature requires you to be logged in as an Administrator, and is not available on Microsoft Windows Vista.

Note  If you use LabVIEW 8.5 or earlier, you cannot manage the Local License Server if you have NI Volume License Manager (NI VLM) installed on the same computer as NI License Manager. Consequently, LabVIEW Remote Panel Connections cannot be used if NI VLM is installed. If you encounter this situation, contact National Instruments for a resolution.