Installing a License File

NI License Manager

Installing a License File

You may need to install onto your system a new license file that you receive from National Instruments or a disconnected or home license file that you received from a network license server administrator. Select one of the following methods to install your license:

  • Select Options»Install License File from the menu and choose one or more license files to install.
  • Select one or more license files in Windows Explorer and drag them onto the NI License Manager tree.

NI License Manager updates to reflect the addition of the new license files. Remember, you still might need to activate new licenses. For more information, refer to Activating a Product.

Note  Disconnected and home license files generated by NI Volume License Manager do not need to be activated.
Note  To permanently remove disconnected and home license files from your computer, right-click a licensed product in the NI License Manager tree and select Uninstall.