Activating a Product

NI License Manager

Activating a Product

You must activate your product before using it in accordance with its license agreement. To activate a product, you must first purchase a license. For information on purchasing licenses, contact your local National Instruments sales representative or visit

Once you have purchased a license, you can activate your product using the NI Activation Wizard. The NI Activation Wizard prompts you for your name, your organization, and the serial numbers of the products you are activating. You can find the serial number on the Certificate of Ownership or license card included with each product. If your software kit does not include a Certificate of Ownership, you can find your serial number on the product packing slip or on the shipping label.

If you have installed a previous version using your serial number, you can find the serial number by selecting the Help»About menu item within the application or by selecting your product within NI License Manager. You can also contact your local National Instruments branch.

To activate your products, click the Activate button on the toolbar or double-click your product in the NI License Manager tree and follow the NI Activation Wizard prompts. You can also right-click the product in the NI License Manager tree and select Activate.

Upon successful activation, you can use the product immediately.

Note  If you were using a product before you began the activation process, you may need to restart it for the change to take effect.
Note  If your NI software is licensed through a volume license agreement, you do not need to activate your product. Instead, you need to point NI License Manager to a network server. For more information, refer to Using a Network License Server.