FieldPoint LabWindows/CVI Interface


IAStatus FP_Open (IAString configFilePath, IAHandle *serverHandle);


This function opens a session with a server. Close the session with FP_Close.

Note  Calling FP_Open more than once on the same server returns the same server handle.

Parameter List

Name Type Description
configFilePath IAString Path and name of the .iak configuration file created by MAX that contains the current FieldPoint configuration information. When this parameter is NULL, the server obtains its configuration information from the last configuration file used in MAX.
serverHandle IAHandle (passed by reference) Handle returned to identify a server. All other server functions use this handle.

Return Value

The LabWindows/CVI manager or the server can return the following status codes. FP_ErrorMsg converts the status codes into descriptive strings.

LabWindows/CVI Manager-Level Error Codes 0x8480 IA_MGR_ERROR
FieldPoint Server-Level Standard Error Codes 0x8000 to 0x83FF

Refer to the error section in your server help file for more information.